In between States of Matter

Shown at Landskrona festival

Installation by Anika Schwarzlose with Brian McKenna and Sam ten Thij

Geologists are currently finding new, previously unknown minerals in regions that are being formed and affected by large-scale resource extraction. These minerals occur in slag heaps, which are heated from the inside and thus become like artificial volcanoes. The mineral transformations, initiated by human influence, in turn generate mutations and transformative processes in the biological life in the immediate area. This is a cycle that inspires ideas about a mineral and human co-evolution and contributes to a debate that redefines the distinction between life and non-life.

Industrial 3D models of machine parts used for mining are manipulated to be digitally degraded and transformed into graphical errors, reminiscent of stone and crystal, visualizing the relationship between machines and their environment. An experimental digital process, which works with known as well as unknown factors, approaches in nature a biological process of metabolic force and mutation.

By weaving together digital and biological processes, mining machines and mineral materials, video animation explores an animistic or organic relationship to the world.